Intel SSD 750 1.2TB Series PCIe Review

The Intel 750 is the first NVMe SSD released into the consumer market. It offers users some pretty killer performance at a price point that is roughly twice that of top performing SATA SSDs. We’ve historically been big on PCI Express SSDs here, because they get around the SATA bottleneck that holds many standard 2.5-inch SATA Solid State Drives down at around 550MB/sec max throughput. PCIe SSDs are able to utilize full PCIe X4 or X8 Gen 2 or Gen 3 bandwidth, hitting speeds well in excess of 1GB/sec in many cases. The Intel SSD 750 Series is the first set of consumer SSDs to use the new super-fast NVM (non-volatile memory) Express standard, bringing a new level of performance to everyday computer users. Still, though laying Flash memory down on a PCIe card has its advantages, many of the solutions currently on the market, save for some high-end, expensive offerings from the likes of Fusion-io, actually still utilize SATA controllers on their backend interface to the Flash memory, usually in a multi-controller RAID setup, that then has to be bridged to PCI Express on the other side.

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